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Diatonic harmonica repair is what we do.

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Diatonic harmonica repair is what we do. (NO chromatics at this time.  Sorry!)   

Harmonicas just don't last forever. The most common reason a harmonica needs repair is due to a bad reed.  The reed has either gone flat, it's stuck, its buzzing or it just plain doesn't sound right.  While there are some harmonicas that are ready for harp-heaven, most can be repaired.  Repairing rather than replacing your harmonica can save you money!  Modifying your harmonica can make it a unique instrument designed specifically to your liking.   

We work on your Hohner 10-hole diotonic harmonicas.  All repairs include harmonica cleaning and tuning.    I replace reeds on:

Hohner Crossover, 

Marine Band, 

Marine Band Deluxe,

Special 20, 


Blues Harp,

and Golden Melody harmonicas. 

If you have a different harmonica that you would like me to work on, email me to discuss. 


My #1 modification is rounding the corners.  This modification can only be performed on harmonicas with wooden combs.  The harmonica feels so much better in your hands.  If you have this modification on one of your harmonicas, you will want it done to them all.  My favorite harmonica to play is a Crossover with rounded corners.  That is a top shelf harp in my humble opinion. As you can see in the photos, the coverplate corners are rounded to match.

Other modifications may include: upgrading a marine band with screws, reed shaping and embossing to improve air tightness; sealing combs; modifying combs; modifying coverplates, etc.



A well tuned harmonica can make all the difference in how your harmonica sounds.  Especially if you are playing with other musicians.  


Reeds are replaced with Hohner replacment reeds from the Hohner Shop.  Occasionally repairs may be delayed by availability of reeds from Hohner.  Usually this is not a problem, but I'll keep you up to date via email as to the status of your harmonica.  I will remove the rivit and the bad reed.  The new reed will be installed with a small screw. Then shaped and tuned as necessary. Tuning is a part of all the harmonica repairs and modifications we do.

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You will save significantly when services are bundled and/or multiple harps are sent in together. Email me with what you need done and I'll be able to give you a detailed quote.

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I am located in Italy, TX

Please email me with a short description of your harmonica and the repair or modification needed.  I will reply with specific details on how to proceed and where to ship your harmonica.

Thank you!

Andy Hinz


237 Chambers Dr., Italy, TX 76651, us