Harmonica Repairs and Modifications

We work on your Hohner 10-hole diotonic harmonicas. All repairs include harmonica cleaning and tuning. I replace reeds on:

Hohner Crossover,
Marine Band,
Special 20,
and Golden Melody harmonicas.

If you have a different harmonica that you would like me to work on, email me to discuss. I have also replaced reeds on Seydel's, but I don't keep their reeds in stock. However, I can order them from Seydel with little problem.

 Welcome to HarmonicaFix.com

Harmonica repair is what we do. Harmonicas just don't last forever. The most common reason a harmonica needs repair is due to a bad reed. The reed has either gone flat, it's stuck, its buzzing or it just plain doesn't sound right. While there are some harmonicas that are ready for harp-heaven, most can be repaired. Repairing rather than replacing your harmonica can save you money! Modifying your harmonica can make it a unique instrument designed specifically to your liking.
Harmonica Repair
Don't throw away a good harmonica just because of one bad reed. Get it fixed!
My most requested upgrade is rounded corners. I also modify Marine Bands with screws and other modifications.